The ProZero workboats are for instance linehandlers, pilot boats and vessels designed for transfer. 

The workboats are designed and custom made on the basis of the specific needs of the customer. 

The vessels are often designed with a large work deck area, craning capabilities or bow doors for easy boarding of rolling equipment.

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The vessel, a ProZero 10.5m DC Archipelago, is from the ProZero Vessel series. The hull design is based on the well proven hulls from Tuco's Guard Vessel Series. The Guard series has been produced and continuously developed by Tuco since 2002.

The focus in the creation of the ProZero series has been targeted to make an even lighter vessels series, that include both FRBs, Workboats and Daughter Crafts.

ProZero 10.5m DC Archipelago, is a fast work boat, specially designed for maritime work around Islands, at ports, and other types of logistic work, where flexibility is of the essence. The boat is equipped with a large bow-door featuring a 1.6 meter opening that makes it possible for wagons and ATVs to be driven directly on board. The boat is further equipped with crane and power winch.

"In the design process it was important for us to create a series of boats, where the design allows for great flexibility both in terms of delivery time and construction materials. But also very much in relation to the boat itself," says Jonas Pedersen, Director of Tuco Marine Group and continues; "Therefore, we have based the entire series on a modular design that allows us to customize each boat to the customer’s needs and wants."

"This exact vessel in many ways has everything, that was our desire when designing the ProZero series" continues Jonas Pedersen. "We have been keen with the series, to create a very flexible design platform that can be adapted precisely to the needs of our customers. Exactly this was done in the Archipelago model, where the customer gets both a boat specifically adapted for their needs, but at the same time a fast (28 knots) and very strong boat which has been thoroughly tested."