Police / Military

Among the vessels of the ProZero range are a series especially designed for police and military use. These vessels are for instance patrol boats, interceptors and workboats. 

Important characteristics for the vessels of this segment are that they need to have long range and operation time. Often special equipment is needed. 

All these special demands are adjusted during the design phase where the vessel is custom made for the specific needs of each client. 


The police boat is equipped with 2 x 225hk outboard motors and is therefore capable of more than 40 knots when pursuing criminals on the Danube, which will be the boat’s main area of use.

In addition to police actions, the boat will be used for customs and surveillance tasks. It is equipped with both radar and a double VHF installation for optimal communication.

As the boat is fitted out for police use, it is equipped with blue police lights, sirens and various safety equipment, including stretchers and AIS for identifying vessels.

For this customer the boat has also been outfitted with electric windlass as well as both air conditioning and oil-heating, so that it is comfortable to use in all types of conditions.

”This is a very important order for us to have won, as the use of the boat by the police in Central Europe shows that the ProZero Series is more than capable of competing with other vessels for this sector” says Managing Director Jonas Pedersen, Tuco Marine Group.

Following the successfully completed tests in Faaborg, the boat has now been transported to Bratislava, where it will be taken into service as soon as the ice once again allows boats to operate on the Danube.